This is the letter Dr. Thomas Reiter sent to me (my adress erased, of course).

For those of you, who are able to read and understand the german letter...he wrote a book about interview sessions with astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the 2. man on the moon and I wanted to know how that felt, as I knew Reiter witnessed the Apollo 11 mission and landing on the moon as a child on TV and was an astronaut himself.

I also asked him, how his parents felt that he took the dangerous profession of an astronaut, because millions of kids probably told their parents they want to become astronauts when they witnessed the first moon landing in 1969, and so did Reiter, but I really wanted to know how his parents felt, when they realized, he'll really reach that goal and travel to space. But he unfortunately didn't really answer that in detail, but I'm happy he took the time at all to read my letter and write something back.