(Thomas Arthur Reiter)

* 23. May 1958 (in Frankfurt am Main, Germany)



he also sent me a signed letter, if you want to see it, click here (it's in german)

he is the most experienced non-american and non-russian astronaut (time in space: 350 days, 5 hours, 44 minutes)

he is currently working as ESA Interagency Coordinator and Advisor to the Director General at the European Space Agency (ESA)

from 2011 - 2015 he was Director of Human Spaceflight and Operations at the European Space Agency (ESA)

was in space for the 1. time with Sojus TM-22 (MIR EuroMir 95 / from 03. September 1995 to 29. February 1996)

was in space for the 2. time as a member of ISS Expedition 13 / 14 (flight to ISS: STS-121 on 04. July 2006 / flight back to earth: STS-116 on 22. December 2006)

in 1982 he received his diploma in aerospace engineering from the University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Munich

is an ESA astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer and has the military rank: Brigadier General, german airforce

was selected as an astronaut in 1992 and retired as an astronaut in 2007 to take on a new role on the Executive Board of the German Space Agency (DLR) with responsibility for space

he was the first german astronaut with EVA-experience (EVA = extra vehicular activity) when he left the russian space station MIR on 20. October 1995

has a total EVA-experience time of 14 hours and 15 minutes (3 EVAs)

he was involved in the development of equipment for the Columbus module, one of Europe’s main contributions to the International Space Station