(Kate Elizabeth Winslet)
* 05. October 1975 (in Reading, Berkshire, UK)

2009 as Hanna Schmitz in 'The Reader'

2007 as Sarah Pierce in 'Little Children'

2005 as Clementine Kruczynski in 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'

2002 as Iris Murdoch in 'Iris'

1998 as Rose DeWitt Bukater in 'Titanic'

1996 as Marianne Dashwood in 'Sense and Senibility'


I like her in almost everything I've seen her in...a wonderful actress

her parents are Roger Winslet (* 1939) and Sally Bridges-Winslet

she has 3 siblings, sisters Anna (* 1972) and Beth (* 1978) and brother Joss (* 1980)

since December 2012 she is married to Ned RocknRoll (born Ned Abel Smith, had his name legally changed)

she was married to Jim Threapleton (22. November 1998 - 13. December 2001, divorced) and Sam Mendes (24. May 2003 - 2010, divorced)

has a son with Mendes, Joe Alfie (* 22. December 2003)

has a daughter with Threapleton, Mia Honey (* 12. October 2000)

read what actor Eli Wallach wrote about her...I asked him if there are young actors/actresses he likes and/or admires (Wallach and Winslet were together in the movie 'The Holiday' (2006))

is good friends with Leonardo DiCaprio