(Ronald Wilson Reagan)
* 06. February 1911 (in Tampico, Illinois)    † 05. June 2004 (in Los Angeles, California)


This is one of my very first autographs...I collected some when I was 13 or 14 years old, but stopped it, because I wasn't very succesful at that time. Reagan was president of the USA, when I send him my letter. But the letter was for the former actor Ronald Reagan, not for the politician. His secretary send a very nice letter along with this signed card, but I can't find anymore...I probably haven't thrown it away, but in some way it's lost for now.

in an interview Dustin Hoffman said, that Ronald Reagan and Doris Day were the first choice to play his parents in 'The Graduate' (1967), but both weren't available

he was 40. president of the USA from 1981 - 1989

he was in about 50 movies from 1937 - 1964

his father was John Edward Reagan, and his mother Nellie Wilson Reagan

he was married to former actress Nancy Davis (* 06. July 1923 † 06. March 2016) since 04. March 1952 until his death

has a daughter, 'Patti' Patricia Anne (* 22. October 1952) and a son, 'Ron' Ronald Prescott (* 1958) with Davis

his first wife was actress Jane Wyman (* 04. January 1914 † 10. September 2007)...they were married from 1940 - 1949, divorced

he has a son, Michael, with Wyman, and they also had a daughter, Maureen (* 1941 † 2001)