(Edward O'Neill)
* 12. April 1946 (in Youngstown, Ohio)


this guy could always make me laugh as Al Bundy on the TV hit series 'Married....with Children'(1987 - 1997)

I also like 'Miami Vice' (1984 - 1990) a lot, and he's in one of my favourite episodes...(S1 E2 'Heart of Darkness')...as struggling FBI Agent Arthur Lawson/Artie Rollins

is married to Catherine Russoff since 1986

his father was a steelworker, his mother a social worker

Ed has two younger brothers, and two younger sisters

he taught social studies in Youngstown, before he started an acting career

his first movie role was in 'Deliverance' (1972), but Ed had just one line

his first role in a big movie was as Detective Schreiber in 'Cruising' (1980) next to Al Pacino

Ed studied arts (especially theatre) and history at Ohio University College for two years

he has never done comedy on TV or in movies before 'Married with Children' - only on stage

he is a very stage trained actor, and still does and loves his work on stage