(Oliver Burgess Meredith)
* 16. November 1907 (in Cleveland, Ohio)    † 09. September 1997 (in Malibu, California)


1976 as Harry Greener in 'The Day of the Locust'

1977 as Mickey Goldwill in 'Rocky'



I received his autograph 6 days after his death, on 15. September 1997, and as letters always take about a week from the USA to Germany, this must have been one of the last autographs he wrote, and it's for sure authentic, because he was known for being a very good through the mail signer, and often quoted, he always takes the time to answer all his fanmail himself

I always check the important dates of the persons life, when I receive their autographs and was very sad, when I discovered, he died a week ago, because didn't already know it the day, I received his autograph

he didn't send a photo along with the autograph, so I put in this little photo of him

I like him most as Mickey Goldwill in 'Rocky' (1976) and as Grandpa Gustafson in the 'Grumpy Old Men' - movies (1993 and 1995)

Burgess was the youngest of three children (sister: Virginia, brother: George)

the name of his father, a physician, was William George Meredith, and his mother's name was Ida Beth

he was married four times: with Helen Berrian Darby (1933 - 1935, divorced), Margaret Perry (1936 - 1938, divorced), Paulette Goddard (1944 - 1950, divorced) and Kaja Sundsten (1950 until his death)

there are two children from his marriage with Kaja, son Jonathan, a musician, and daughter Tala, a painter

he served in the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II reaching the rank of Captain

because of his very liberal political views, he was blacklisted from films in the late 1950's