* 18. February 1932 (in Cáslav, Czechoslovakia)    † 13. April 2018 (in Danbury, Connecticut, USA)

1976 as Director for 'One Flew Over the Chukoo's Nest'

1985 as Director for 'Amadeus'


1997 as Director for 'The People vs. Larry Flynt'


one of my favourite directors

 his father is jewish architect Otto Kohn who survived the Holocaust and his mother, Anna died in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943

for a long time in his life he thought his father was Rudolf Forman, who died in Buchenwald concentration camp in 1944...only in his later years he discovered who his biological father really was

his older brother, Blahoslav (* 1917), died of exposure after being injured during a mountain hike in May 1962

his other older brother, Pavel (* 1920 † 2008), lived in Australia since 1968

he was married to Martina Zborilova (1999 until his death)

former wifes: Jana Brejchová (1951 - 1956, divorced), Vera Kresadlová (1964 - 1999, divorced)

he has four sons: two sons from Vera Kresadlová: Matej and Petr, twin brothers (born: 24. August 1964), and two sons with Martina Zborilova: Andrew and James, also twin brothers (born: 1998)