(Douglas Elton Ulman, Jr.)
* 09. December 1909 (in New York)    † 07. May 2000 (in New York)


I liked him most in 'Catherine the Great' (1934), 'The Rage of Paris' (1938), 'The Exile' (1947) and 'Ghost Story' (1981)

his father was the famous actor/director/screenwriter/producer Douglas Fairbanks (*1883 †1939), and his mother was Anna Beth Scully

Fairbanks, Jr. had his first movie role as a bit part next to his father in 'The Three Musketeers' (1921)

his father was one of the founders of United Artists in 1919...the others were director D.W. Griffith, actress Mary Pickford and actor/director/screenwriter/producer and Fairbanks, Sr. best friend Charles 'Charlie' Chaplin

his father also was one of the 36 founders of the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

Fairbanks, Jr. was married to actress Joan Crawford (03. June 1929 - 12. March 1933, divorced) and Mary Hartford (1939 - 1988, her death)

Vera Shelton was his last wife since 1991 until his death

he became the first American officer to command a British flotilla of raiding craft during a commando operation in WW II.

he served under Adm. Lord Louis Mountbatten, who later introduced him to his nephew, Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth

he gave a big party for his daughter Daphne in 1957, and the Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret stayed until dawn