(Issur Demsky Danielovitch)
* 09. December 1916 (in Amsterdam, New York)    † 05. February 2020 (in Los Angeles, California)


1995 Honorary Award
(in recognition of his 50 years as a creative and moral force in the motion picture community)


1949 as Midge Kelley in 'Champion'

1952 as Jonathan Shields in 'The Bad and the Beautiful'

1956 as Vincent van Gogh in 'Lust for Life'


one of my all time favourites and with an age of 103 years the oldest person in my collection so far

has four sons...two from his marriage (02. November 1943 - February 1950, divorced) with actress Diana Dill (actor/director/producer Michael (* 1944) and TV producer Joel (* 23. January 1947)), and the other two sons from his marriage (29. May 1954 - present) with Anne Buydens (producer Peter (* 1955) and actor Eric (* 1958 † 2004))

has a grandson from his son Michael, Cameron Morell (* 13. December 1978)...mother of this grandson is Diandra Luker

has another grandson from his son Michael, Dylan Michael (* 08. August 2000) and a granddaughter, Carys (* 20. April 2003)...mother of this grandchildren is actress Catherine Zeta-Jones

on April, 28th, 2001 Kirk got honored with an award of the John Wayne Cancer Institute

suffered a stroke in 1995