(Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite)
* 14. March 1933 (in London, UK)


2000 as Dr. Wilbur Larch in 'The Cider House Rules'

1987 as Elliot in 'Hannah And Her Sisters'


2003 as Thomas Fowler in 'The Quiet American'

1984 as Dr. Frank Bryant in 'Educating Rita'

1973 as Milo Tindle in 'Sleuth'

1967 as Alfie Elkins in 'Alfie'


one of my top favourite british actors

he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. for his contribution to the performing arts on 17. June 2000

I liked him most in 'Sleuth' (1972), 'California Suite' (1978),  'The Cider House Rules' (1999), 'The Prestige' (2006) and 'Harry Brown' (2009)

in my humble opinion Caine was brilliant as Victor in 'Blood & Wine' (1997), and I think Nicholson/Caine were the perfect cast for this movie

Caine took the name 'Caine' from the movie 'The Caine Mutiny' (1954)

his father was Maurice Micklewhite, a former fish market porter...he died in 1957 of liver cancer

his mother was Ellen Maria Micklewhite who died in 1989

he has a brother, Stanley (* 1936)

has a half-brother...David Burchell (* 1925) who suffered brain damage through epilepsy as a child and was physically disabled...the existence of his half-brother David in a mental hospital was kept secret by his mother Ellen Maria for over 40 years...David died in March 1992

he was married to Patricia Haines (1955 - 1958, divorced), and is now married (08. January 1973) to Shakira Baksh (* 1948)

he has one daughter, Dominique (* 1956), with Haines, and one daughter, Natasha (* July 1973), with Baksh